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Unemployed and pregnant

Hi everyone,

I'm 11 weeks and and have been unemployed for 3 weeks now without any leads. I'm not showing yet but I'm not sure if I should continue to look, we are "OK" without my income but I like working. And if I do find something, do I tell the employer I'm pregnant right away or wait?

Thoughts? Anyone in a similar situtation?



Re: Unemployed and pregnant

  • Hi,I have been in the exact same situation as you. I lost my job at about 12 weeks of my pregnancy. Since then, I continued to look for a job and went on interviews. I did tell a few potential employers that I was pregnant... but was not able to land a job. ?Now I'm 33 weeks, and I have stopped looking since I am due to give birth in about 7 weeks. I hope to find employment after 3 months of the birth of my baby.?

    Hang in there! Keep busy with baby related things and getting ready for your new addition. Congrats!


    Best, Keri?

  • I am in the same boat as you Kerileff. I am actively searching and sending my resume, but I dont think realistically I will be working until the Fall. I nam even thinking not telling anyone in my industry about the pregnancy so it wont hurt my chances of being employed in the fall.
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  • I too am unemployed as  of the end of Jan. I am 12 weeks and pretty much given up on finding a job before the baby. I think its hard to look in your first trimester if you are always feeling tired and have bouts of morning sickness. I just can't imagine interviewing in this state, even though you are not showing yet.

    I would not tell any potential employers as much as I love being honest and upfront. With this economy and even when the economy is in better shape, I just can't imagine an employer giving a job to a pregnant woman over someone who is not! Unless you are already friends or have a good relationship but then you would not be asking! Good Luck!


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