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Hi ladies, I recently moved from LA to Washington and one of my favorite things in LA was Le Cupcake at the 3rd St. mall in Santa Monica and I called them today to order some cupcakes and it says the number has been disconnected and I was just wondering if any of you have been there and seen it closed down or not. Thanks ladies!

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  • Sorry to see you leave LA.  Anyway, I dont have their number, but a cupcake place near my house in Sherman Oaks is pretty darn good.  Better than Sprinkles.  They are online and deliver nationwide... Their Red Velvet is 2 die for!   I have been having 1 a week!

    www.  famouscupcakes. com

  • that mall is under major construction right now so all the stores have closed, at least temporarily.

    i reccommend yummy cupcakes

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  • I totally want a cupcake now... Big Smile
  • I am in SaMo. 
    I preferred Vanilla Bake Shop to La Cupcake.  Yummy Cupcakes is also good.

    Both are on Wilshire just north of 3rd St.  Yummy on the north side of the street and Vanilla Bakeshop is on the south side.

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  • Ditto on Vanilla Bakeshop in Santa Monica.  In brentwood, there's Susie's cakes.
  • Yummies cupcakes cant be beat!!! They are in Santa Monica and Burbank. Now I have to get a cupcake after work.
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