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Looking for a Prenatal Yoga Class


I am looking for a good prenatal yoga class in the San Diego area (Point Loma/Beaches) that is conducive to someone who is working, afternoons, evenings, etc. Any suggestions????


Re: Looking for a Prenatal Yoga Class

  • Hey Betsy -

    There is a great, prenatal class that is through Mary Birch. It's pretty gentle - but honestly, with all of the changes happening in our bodies, it's nice. If you go on their website they list classes. And it's right off the 163/805 so it's really easy to get to.  Monday, Wed, and Thursday 5:30pm... so great for after work.

     When are you due? You need to be 12 weeks to start taking it and have a note from your doc.

    I'm due in September and so have just kind of started the whole, gentle exercise and walking as opposed to running a marathon kind of work-out.


    Hope this helps!



  • Thanks! I am in the same boat with the whole no more spin class thing- especially bad when you are going through morning sickness! I am due in the beginning of August, and I am growing rapidly! I will definitely check Mary Birch out. Maybe I will see you there!


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