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naming after someone in judiasim

Is it ok to use the same sound or do we have to use the same letter?

We've decided on a first name for DD - Sophia (we'll call her Sophie).  I'd like to name her middle name after my grandfather, whose name was George.

DH and I can't seem to agree on any typical G names.  We came across Giordana, which we both like, but I think it might be the Italian spelling and I'm worried how it will work with our VERY common Jewish last name.  DH doesn't like the Geordana spelling, and I'm concerned that if we spell it Jordana we won't really be honoring my grandfather, even though we're going to also name after him for DD's Hebrew name. 

What do you think?


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Re: naming after someone in judiasim

  • I was told that the hebrew name is more significant then the actual first and middle name.  i am not sure how true this is.  My grandfather was moses and my husband's grandfather was arthur...we are going to use one letter for their first name and then name their hebrew name after the other.
  • In my opinion, I don't think it has to be the same letter but if it's the same sound that should work. 
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  • You could just give her a Hebrew name after your grandpa. Ethan is named after mine and DH's grandpa's Efroim and David, he's Ethan David or Efroyim Dovid is his Hebrew name.

    Jacob is named after DH's aunt Ada. He's Jacob Adam, or Akiva Adam in Hebrew (Ethan named him Akiva)


  • Just my two cents, but if you're going to call your daughter Sophie, why not just name her Sophie?  It's a great name.
  • Its actually more meaningful to use the hebrew name.  Abby is named for mh grandmother ( Abigail) and my grandmother (Roselle)  So we got Abigail Rose.  Her hebrew name is for both my grandmothers.
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  • we spoke to a Rabbi about this and it is the the Hebrew name that is more significant.  DD is Portia Lotus in English, named for my grandfather, Paul, and DH's mother, Linda.  DH isn't Jewish, so we didn't have a Hebrew name to use on his side, so we used another of my relatives that didn't have anyone named for them. In Hebrew, she is Perach (for Pinchus) Ester (for my grandmother's aunt who was killed in the Holocaust).  I love both her names!  good luck!
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