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Where do u live? What are nice areas? Moving to L.A. soon

I'll be moving soon to L.A. considering Redondo Beach because of the school. I have a 16 year old and a 5 month old... yes, big gap between.


Re: Where do u live? What are nice areas? Moving to L.A. soon

  • I live in the Valley.  You might find that most families here send their kids to private school.  Also, they laid off 9000 teachers in LA Unified last week.  You might want to check the NEST LA board.  They have more activity.

    LA school board approves big layoff notice

    By CHRISTINA HOAG ? Mar 10, 2009

    LOS ANGELES (AP) ? More than 8,800 teachers and other employees of the nation's second-largest school district will receive notices of impending layoffs for the next school year, Los Angeles school board members decided Tuesday.

  • I live in La Crescenta, which is the north end (hills) above Glendale. ?They have an excellent school district. ?You should check out this months Los Angeles Magazine. ?There is a page in it that tells you where some good school districts are listed. ?La Crescenta is in it. ?Redondo is a also less expensive than Redondo too.
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  • I grew up in the city of Torrance which is next to Redondo Beach in the South Bay area and it is IMHO one of the best places in Southern California to raise a family. 

    There's lots of things to do outside, shopping, very family-oriented, it's not "city" plus you've got the beach culture and atmosphere!  I'd stay out of the Valley if possible (it gets too darn hot there in the summer and gets tons of traffic).  If you can afford it, I'd go with Manhattan Beach if you're shooting for the South Bay area 

  • I live in Harbor City.  But I grew up in Torrance and I work in Redondo Beach.  Torrance & Redondo are probably the best cities in the South Bay Area.  The school systems are really good.  Of course, Orange County has about the best school systems.

    Also, my husband is a Redondo Beach Police Officer and it is definitely one of the safest areas.  As well as Torrance (my FIL is a cop there).

    Torrance is a little bit cheaper than Redondo.  If you do decide Redondo, stay out of the North part...this is closer to the bad areas of Lawndale and Hawthorne (buy in the 90277 zip).   If you are going to buy in Torrance, the best zips are 90503, 90505 and the South parts of 90504.  90501 and 90502 have a few pockets of nice areas, but the surrounding schools are not that great.

     Hope this helps!

    Good luck!

  • Hi I grew up in Torrance and since married I lived in Guatemala, Florida, and Long Beach and when we found out we were expecting we moved to Torrance. I love it here, I feel safe and it is so close to the beach and so many areas where I can take the boys, The parks are really well taken care of. I love west and south Torrance the best!!

    Good luck with the move.

  • I live in Santa Monica whose school districts aren't part of LA Unified.  I don't have a child in school yet but it's supposed to be a great school district.  But it's also very expensive area to live.  But it's a great area to live--we walk everywhere and love it.  Good luck!
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  • I live in Redondo Beach.  I actually grew up here.  DH and I love it. Let me know if you have any specific questions about RB, the schools and the various neighborhoods.
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