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Baby Village Tampa - long review!!

If you are considering buying anything from this place, I would VERY STRONGLY advise against it! I should have done my research before I placed my order and usually I do, but this time I did not and now I am paying for it.

I ordered our baby furniture in January and was told that it would take 6-8 weeks to arrive.  On the 6th week I contacted Doug, the store owner, just to touch base. He told me that "it was shipped and should be here any day now". We are on our 10th week and the furniture is still not here. The owner has blown me off every time I call and he typically tells me that he will call me when he has an update. The problem is that he has never once called me, even when he does have an update. When I speak to him, he doesn't even seem to care that my baby will be here before my furniture. In fact, he has not even offered a simple apology for the delay. It's a good thing we have a bassinet!

I have started to deal directly with Ragazzi (the manufacturer of the furniture that we bought) and they seem to be disappointed that Baby Village is blaming them. The guys exact words were "we have a warehouse with $15-million-dollars of inventory so I am annoyed that your retailer is blaming us for the delay". This makes me think that Baby Village did not order our furniture in a timely manner, but I don't know for sure.

I have found five other reviews just like mine on yahoo, and I recently found out that a friend of mine went through the same thing when she ordered a rocker & ottoman from Baby Village. She claimed it took double the amount of time and then the set came in the wrong color.

Sorry to ramble. I just don't want anyone to feel the way I do, which is upset that my nursery will be empty when my baby comes home from the hospital. I am basically dealing with a company that could care less about customer service. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE!!!!!

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  • Thanks for the infromation about that place, go to the baby depot at  burlington coat factory  that have lots of dirfferent crib styles and crib bedding there also , that where i got my daughter crib from. her crib is 4 in one  changes from crib o a toddler bed , their cribs all from delta and Mattresses , it good store, many different items in that place.
  • sorry that happened to you. i had the exact opposite experience. we ordered our furniture and was told 6-8 weeks before it was delievered. but my son was born 10 weeks early and they were able to get our furniture to very quickly.

    Rowen Alexander born 10 weeks early 1/28/07
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  • I need to reply to your posting because I had the opposite experience with this store. The sales person might seem a little rude or distant yet I found him very knowledgeable and helpful, his suggestions were really good and I later found out in Baby Bargains that he was only telling the truth. The furniture took a little longer to get it than we initially anticipated but we are very happy with the purchase and will deffinitevly go back for our second baby. The prices are higher than the department stores but the furniture they carry is way higher quality than anything I've seen anywhere else so comparing Baby Depot furniture with Baby Village stuff is like apples and oranges. Hope you baby is doing well and wish you good luck with your next purchase.


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