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Fish tank in baby's room

Hey guys...  i am curious if anyone knows the answer to this...    I am in the process of doing the nursery, and i wanted to put a 45 gallon fish tank in there with disney theme, but someone at my sisters work said it may not be a good idea because of the bacteria or ammonia that some fish tanks put off.    Has anyone heard anythign about this?  The only thing i can find online is posts saying its supposed to be soothing for the baby, to hear the water flow etc.   

 Any input would be great!  

Re: Fish tank in baby's room

  • I would think worrying about ammonia or bacteria is a little over paranoid... but that's JMO. Ask your doctor what he thinks.

    Personally- if I had the patience to keep up with cleaning a fish tank, I would do that too. Sounds like a cool idea!

  • I haven't heard anythiing but think it is such a cute idea!

    I would say as long as it's kept clean there shouldn't be any reason to worry. ?

  • Ive never heard of it not being safe. We have a small tank in DDs room. It is little mermaids. She is 32 months but I would have done it earlier but it went with her new big girl room!
  • That idea is so cool!!!! You should totally do it!! I haven't heard of fish tanks being harmful or anything. As long as you maintain the fish tank properly I don't think that would be a problem. The only problem I see with the fish tank in the nursery is that eventually you would have to move it when baby becomes a toddler. You don't want anybody to be climbing on it and trying to tip it over!!!!
  • Thanks guys!  i agree.. i didn't think it was a problem either...  i will probably run it past my dr. anyway.. but i think its gonna look super cute!    And its a big enough tank that even when she gets bigger there is no way she could pull it over.. heck i can't even budge it if i try! haha
  • I would do it.. just make sure you keep it maintained, are you fish tank saavy? If not, just do some nice research in how many and what type of fish to get to not overcrowd or overstress the tank; sometimes fish look cute when small but can become real pests when they grow larger. Good luck!
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  • We just got a betta fish and I am planning on putting it in the babys room. I have just been putting the little guy in the livingrm as of lately to look out the window. I have not heard anything like that. I think its a cute idea.  Go for it!
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  • Just make sure you stay on top of keeping it clean. My DH used to have saltwater fishtanks and he would get lazy and they would smell really bad. Needless to say, all the tanks are now officially gone.
  • Yeah i have had a tank for the last 10 years or so.. salt and fresh water...   I am gonna go with freshwater tho cause its sooooo much easier to maintain... and my sister works at a pet store so she can hook me up :)
  • A 45 gallon tank is HUGE! I'd go with a 20 but that's just me. I don't know anything about it giving off ammonia or bacteria though - I've never heard that and we've had fish tanks in my house my whole life. As long as you keep it clean I can't imagine that much bacteria is even given off. You're not bathing the kid in the tank! LOL
  • If it was ammonia your worried about get something other than gold fish, they have the higest output of ammonia. Other than that as long as you keep it clean bacteria shouldnt be an issue. Maybe do a smaller tank incase you find it is too hard to keep on top of and you have to move it. Good luck!
  • just dont put a saltwater tank in there. they are hard to maintain and can be unsanitary if you dont stay on top of it or if the water/salt pH level or whatever gets off.
  • I think it's a cool idea, but the 1st thing that comes to my mind is my DD and her balls, bats, and other toys that become "projectiles."  I think she would have so broken a fish tank by now if we had one...or tried to stick her hand or face into it.  I dont know if it's the best long-term idea for toddler-aged kids to have that large of a tank in the room.
  • We have 2 fish tanks 55 gallon, and 75 gallon...and this is definitly no true, I heard this from someone as well and we have asked many pet store fish people, as long as you have a good filter its fine! The water sound Im sure is very soothing...Though for me right now I makes me have to pee! of course! good luck!

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