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Pediatrician Gender and your DC

Is your pedi the same gender as your DC?

We had a female for DS in Virginia, but now that we've moved, and need to find a new pedi anyway, I'm wondering if we should try to find a male?  It obviously doesn't matter now, but maybe when DS is older, he'd be more comfortable asking questions, etc to a male doc?  I was thinking it about it the last time we went to the pedi and she took off DS' diaper.  :)

FWIW, I always had a male pedi growing up and it was never an issue.


Re: Pediatrician Gender and your DC

  • We go to a practice that has both males and females.  Strangely, I usually book the appointments with one of the male Drs. 

    Growing up I actually went to the same practice.  It was nice because once it started to be an issue (I think I was around 10 or 11), I just went to one of the female Drs in the practice.

    At this age it doesn't matter but I like having the flexibility for when DD is older and might not feel comfortable with the male Drs.

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  • I was thinking that might be a good option - getting into a practice that has both for the future.
  • most of the Drs at our practice and all the nurses and the NP are women, I did see a male Dr once; I don't really have a preference, I'm actually thinking of changing practices after DD turns 1 and taking her to the family practice DH and I go to and our Dr is a male
  • I was just thinking of this the other day.  I don't think it's a big deal now, but at some point I will probably start requesting one of the male doctors at our practice.  I know I always felt more comfortable with a doctor of the same gender.
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  • I guess it's hard to predict how your kid will feel.  I always had male doctors growing up, and didn't think anything of it until I got to college and all the girls in my dorm made a big deal about seeing female doctors at the college clinic. 
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  • This has honestly never crossed my mind.  DS sees a female pedi.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't even think I know of any male pedis. 
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