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custody poll?

What is your visitation/custody schedule like?

Do bios share joint legal custody?

was court order agreed upon or court issued?

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Re: custody poll?

  • 1.Ex has DS EOW for 1 or 2 overnights.

    2. No

    3.agreed upon  by us a few years ago

    Stay at Home Mama to 3 Beautiful Children by the miracles of Birth & Adoption
  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like?  After BM moved 5 hours away, it changed quite a bit.  Now we have every other weekend, holidays every other year, and 6 weeks during summer vacation

    Do bios share joint legal custody?  Yes

    was court order agreed upon or court issued?   Agreed upon, though it wasn't written up how it was initially agreed to, but it was still better than what court ordered probably would have been.


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  • 1. EOW, 2 hrs on Wed and EOH

    2.  Nope, I have SOLE legal and physical custody

    3.  court issued.

  • EOW

    Joint lgeal

    Court ordered but it's not followed.  We get my SS when ever we want, so we usually get him each weekend, and most of his vacations.  My DH and his ex are on good terms (most of the time) and they each undertsand the benefit of my SS having as much contact with his dad and my DS and with his Mom and her DS. 

  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like?
    - DH has his daughter every weekend and one day during the week every other week

     Do bios share joint legal custody?
    - DH and his ex have joint custody but BM was named custodial parent

    Was court order agreed upon or court issued?
    -After a lot of back and forth, it was agree upon

  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like? We alternate T-day and Christmas.  This year we have Christmas.  The non-residential parent gets spring break and up to 6 weeks (reasonably allowing residential parent time) in the summer

    Do bios share joint legal custody? They have joint custody (ie both parties must agree to all major decisions) but because DH is military, one is considered residential parent

    was court order agreed upon or court issued It was agreed upon.  DH was a bit too lenient with BM regarding SS so he could get SD.
  • We are SUPPOSED to have 1 week in April, all of July (we usually were able to keep her the entire summer)

    Mom has sole physical and legal

    Court issued



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  • All but the second weekend of the month (but she usually doesn't want him so we usually have him every weekend).  DH and BM are supposed to swap holidays every year (ie if we have had him for x-mas last year she would have him this year) but, she usually doesn't want him so we usually have him on all holidays as well.


    Court ordered.

  • 1. Even Years: SDs for spring break, Christmas break, and 5 weeks in the summer.  Odd Years: SDs for 8 weeks in summer and Thanksgiving. (we live 16 hours away from SDs)

     2.  Joint legal, BM has sole physical

    3.  It's kind of funky. It's through a mediation, but the judge is in the mediation with them, and he listens to both sides and kind of decides for them...but it is not in a courtroom.  There are sofas involved...

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  • lol at "there are sofas involved"
  • I am bio-mom, my ex moved out of state last year. He is suppose to get him 12 days every 3 months & rotating holidays. He has only seen him once & that was in November.

    I have full physical & legal custody

     Issued. He didn't care that I wanted full custody, he was fighting the fact that he had to pay child support because he is a single dad & not getting support for his other child. After our endless arguing he didn't even show up in court!

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  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like? Supposed to be EOW, but from my previous post, that's not happening

    Do bios share joint legal custody? We did, up until yesterday

    was court order agreed upon or court issued?We agreed upon it about 3 years ago, but it's just not working
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  • 1.  We have SD every other week.  Pick ups and drop offs are done at school on Fridays.

    2.  DH isn't on SD's birth certificate so legally no they don't share legal custody although they have agreed to certain terms and conditions and although the court doesn't see it that way they consider it that way.

    3.  We don't have a court order, we have a mutual agreement.

  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like?

    Reasonable visitation by DH to be agreed upon by DH & BM.


    Do bios share joint legal custody?



    was court order agreed upon or court issued?

    Agreed upon (although she signed his name before he ever saw it).

  • BM is alllowed 6 weeks in summer if she chooses to take the whole summer otherwise she is with her maternal grandparents and every other major holiday. But we travel alot to her state so we drop her off on weekends when we are there. oh she takes her spring break and fall break too

    yes...i think she really doesnt care to ask anything about school or anything so I put my info on all the papers since I live here with her

    agreed and in the divorce decree

  •  1.BF has Fri 6pm -Sat 6pm until DS is in school, then EOW. Some holidays.

    2. I have sole legal and sole physical

    3. We agreed.

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  • 1. DH has 6 weeks in the summer, thanksgivin odd years, Christmas break even years and spring break for 6 days. If we lived closer it was eow and one evening a week.

    2. It says joint legal and physical, but I don't see how eow is very joint.

    3. That is court ordered after a long ugly divorce. We are now filing for the third time for custody, or at least more visitation. Maybe this time we'll make it past the hearing.

  • For Me:

    The custody agreement was reached when DD was 10 months old, and just says "reasonable visitation".  He hasn't seen her in 6 years. 

    I have sole legal and physical custody.

    Court order was issued, no mediation.

    For my DH:

    DH has full custody and the kids live with us full time.  The boys visit BM on Sundays from 10-7, but my SD does not go to visitation anymore, and hasn't for almost a year.

    DH has sole legal and physical custody.

    Court order was agreed upon.

  • sdc81sdc81 member

    4 nights & two 24-hour periods per week (because the hand-over time is 2:00, which only comes in to play holidays, but we cannot count those days as 24 hour periods when holidays aren't occuring- which is 99% of the time!)... whereas she has 3 overnights & one 24-hour period.

    It's written legally as "joint", but that is a joke- we end up taking him more often, and when we go on vacation, for example, she never asks for missed time if the vacation falls on a day she'd have him. But, because it's written as joint, she gets child support since he makes more money (we're in a 'income share' state, not a state that bases who gets support based on who has more time being repsonsible for him.)

    It was agreed upon after hitting the wall- my husband just wanted to cut ties and broke down to agree instead of continue wasting energy fighting her... she'd have been fine fighting just for the sake of it, it seemed, even though neither were really going to budge much more.



  • What is your visitation/custody schedule like? The schedule is two weekends in a row with us, the following weekend with their BM, and then repeat. Alternating holidays, and at least one week in the summer with us plus any vacations that we plan.

    Do bios share joint legal custody? Yes.

    Was court order agreed upon or court issued? Agreed, although, DH and his ex will be back in court soon to try and modify again.

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