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32 weeks

Oh geez ladies, I've had an easy pregnany until today.  Nothing too bad just miserable physically.  I have a sore throat, of course not pregnancy related but it sucks.  The worst thing was intense BH this morning and then again tonight and then my legs are killing me.  They are throbbing and achy all over.  I want to take a bath but my beau is out of town and I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to get out.  :)  Sorry to be so negative, just wanted to vent.  :)  Still having a smooth pregnancy just starting to feel the third trimester. 

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  • Oh I'm so sorry..... and I know everyone says it, but she'll be here before you know it! Trust me!
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  • It stinks - just keep your eye on the prize!!! ?Hang in there girl!
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  • They're right!  It'll won't be that much longer now!!
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  • Oh, I'm starting to feel your pain!  It's like 30 weeks hit and all the little things add up. 

    I prescribe ice cream for your sore throat :o)  Maybe just try soaking your feet/legs in a bath or little tub?

  • Take care and REST REST REST...Everyone says it...I did not believe them enough!  Take a bath...a good warm one should help your aches!  And go for the ice cream for sure for that sore throat!
  • Today was much better.  The root beer float really helped.  I really wonder if she was on a nerve ending or something b/c my legs are fine today, hmmm maybe that prescription for ice cream did the trick!  Thanks ladies.  My shower is this weekend and I'm so excited!
  • 32w is when it got much harder for me too.  Kate dropped then and things just went downhill, lol. 


    Take it easy and take care of yourself - btw, nothing helps sore feet/legs (and swelling) like a good foot massage from your DH.  My feet were like little balloons and Kev had to rub them everynight!

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