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Any other m/c's due to Turner's syndrome?

Today is two weeks (almost to the minute) since my m/c.  I just found out that it was due to a chromosomal abnormality, resulting in Turner's syndrome (lost of an X chromosome, meaning the baby was a girl).  I was starting to feel ok, starting to really heal, until reading the report and knowing I would have had another daughter.  Now, I'm a mess all over again.  I know it's not inherited, and that's it random and causes about 15% of m/c, but that doesn't make me feel any better.  And knowing how awful her little life would have been had she survived just about breaks my heart. My husband and I are looking foward to trying again, but it terrifies me to know this was a random happening and I can't do anything to keep it from happening again.  Sorry to babble; I'm fighting to hold myself together.   Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience. 

Re: Any other m/c's due to Turner's syndrome?

  • I am very sorry for your loss. My second loss was from turners syndrome. We did do testing since I had a blighted ovum 5 months prior, however for us the bottom line was really bad luck.The genetic cons. said it is something you can not prevent and you did nothing to cause this.  It is random and well it sucks, it was also hard to find out she was a girl. Big Hugs, take time for you and your DH.
    ****DS 6/1/09 **** DD 10/13/10****
  • Don't get down on yourself. I know this is very difficult. If the baby had lived, Turner's Syndrome people can actually appear normal and lead normal lives.  So don't fret too much about how bad her life would have been - it's not something you should even worry about.

     I am truly truly sorry for your loss.

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  • I'm so sorry, but happy for you that you have answers.  I was praying so hard that we would have some answers to why our little baby's heart stopped.  The pathology report said that it was likely a chromosomal or fetal defect.  But the karyotype on the baby came back as normal female.  I thought that meant that the baby's chromosomes were normal, but the doctor said that that result could also mean that they were actually testing my tissue, and not the baby's.  So basically we don't know what happened at all.  I would give anything to know what happened...
  • I lost a baby in the 15th week due to Turner Syndrome.  I knew at about week 10-11 that something was wrong - the doctor saw an abnormal amount of fluid behind her neck.  It turned out to be a cystic hygroma and it wasn't a matter of if I would lose her, but when. 
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