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Did you add cupholders to your City Mini Double?

If so, what kind?


I'm going nuts over here! I bought some stupid Prince Lionheart one from BRU and it just doesn't work. AURGH!

Re: Did you add cupholders to your City Mini Double?

  • We have to get some, they have Baby Jogger brand on Amazon. They are about 19 bucks, good luck
  • I am debating too.  I know I'm going to get the belly bar based on your reco, but I'm debating also getting the double snack tray or the cupholders.
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  • I have a Valco Universal cup holder. I bought it off Amazon for like $15. I haven't put it on yet, but it came highly recommended by a bunch of woman from my local board.
  • I got a Universal cup holder at a baby store where I bought the stroller, and I have to say, it pretty much sucks. The City Mini has a pretty thick handle bar and it just didn't fit, so I stuck it on the center pole  but had to remove the plastic inner clamps to get it to fit. So its on there, but not securely and it rotates. Basically, I can get one cup or water bottle in there, but not securely. It only stays upright by dint of its own gravity.
  • cupholder for you or the kids?

    for the kids--not yet

    for me--day 1!  The bought the Sunshine Kids Parent Console from Amazon for $10 and it works great!

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