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School me on IVF

This is going to be a totally new process for me.  I'm going to my OB on Monday to get the ball rolling.  I know his intentions are to move straight to IVF b/c of my endo.  He doesn't think IUI will do much to help us out.  He mentioned last time (before I got a surprise while waiting for IF coverage) that we would start Lupron when the time came.  I had a really hard time with the Lupron Depot injections a few years ago.

Anyway, I guess I'm just looking for any info you wonderful ladies can provide.  TIA!

Re: School me on IVF

  • That is a really broad topic and I'm not sure what kind of information you need?  There are lots of different approaches to IVF... meaning that not everyone follows the same protocol.  Have you talked to an RE or just your OB?  Your Dr should explain the whole process and what meds you will take etc during your consult appt.  Lupron does suck though I will me HORRIBLE headaches.  If you have any specific questions before or after that appt let us know.

    Good luck!

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  • I agree that there are so many different ways to do things with IVF. ?I have endo and had no choice except IVF b/c my tubes were not properly. ?I had success on my first IVF and failure on my last one in Jan on this same protocol...I believe it is called Long Lupron...BCP for 3 weeks, Start Lupron on Day 18, Period, Go in for Baseline blood work and ultrasound, Start Stims(Gonal-F) and cut back on Lupron, Added in Repronex...when they felt I was ready I did the trigger and two days later had my retrieval. ?Egg and Sperm are combined, embryos grow, based on growth the doc will decide if you are doing a 2 day, 3 day, or 5 day transfer. ?I have never gotten to 5 days. ?Near the end of the stims you might be in every day for bloodwork and ultrasound. ?You do the transfer under untrasound guidance then wait 2 weeks for your beta. ?Your doc will go over with you how many he feels comfortable transferring based on their quality.

    Like I said, there are other ways to do the stims. ?Next time around I will not be doing Lupron, will be adding another stim, and will prob only do a 2 day transfer. ?Good luck.?

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  • Ditto PP 

    I remember thinking it seemed like a ton of things and such a long time doing them....but it actually goes by very quickly.

    I had a bunch of weird things happen during mine, and it looked very bleak at some points, but everything worked out in the long just try and remember to roll with the punches and not over analyze every thing (way easier said than done!). 

    Good luck.  If you have any other specifics just let us know.   Another board that i found helpful was  You may be able to find people who cycled or are cycling in your local clinic on it.

  • I agree that it is such a broad topic, but if you have any specific questions, I (and I'm sure others here) would be happy to answer them.

    If you do go through IVF, the thing that helped me the most was just focusing on one step at a time.  It can be so overwhelming to try to look at the entire process at once.  But, if you just take each step (and medication) as it comes, it is not so bad. :) 

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