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Girls with 2nd tri losses, question...

If you gave birth how long did they tell you to wait to have sex again?  I was on pelvic rest for three weeks prior to giving birth, so we havent been able to do anything for a month now..  My dr didnt give me a time limit just told me to set up an appt for three weeks postpartum.   After my DD's were born I had to wait 6 weeks, but they both went to term and I am wondering if it is different since I was only 18 weeks...

Just thought I would ask you girls...  Thanks for any responses.

I am a married mom of 3 beautiful earthly DD's ages 15 yrs, 6 yrs and 11 months. I am the mom of 5 angel babies (CP, 7 wks, 8 wks, 18 wks, and 14 wks losses)


Re: Girls with 2nd tri losses, question...

  • I had a D&E at 20 weeks and was told to wait 6 weeks to avoid infection and allow me to heal and let my uterus go back.
  • I was delivered by a high risk OB and not by my regular doctor.  They didn't tell me ANYTHING, sadly.  DH and I are waiting until my 4 week followup and we will ask then what they think.  I'm hoping they don't make us wait too long.  Truth be told, I miss it - my PG hormones are dissapearing and I'm getting the urge back!  We went out last weekend and after a few too many drinks on my part we started to, until I went WAIT probably not a good idea!!  Tongue Tied  I'm hoping I didn't screw anything up. 

    Dang long islands!

    I think I just miss that closeness with DH.  Sad

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  • I was told 6 weeks - you definitely don't want to get an infection down there...that would just make it even longer to wait. 
  • at my 6 week post partum appointment I was told we could start having intercourse again...we haven't yet.  While I'm no longer bleeding...every other day I do spot a little.  It seems like everything is trying to stop but I want to wait probably until at least the weekend.  I'm terrified of having sex right now because I just got off of my period and i'm not ready to get pregnant again yet. 

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  • I had a vaginal delivery and they told me to wait 6 weeks. We had sex again at 4 weeks though and everything was fine.
  • When I went to the doctor after we lost Cameron at 21 weeks..she gave me the ok 10 days after delivery. I had stopped bleeding and my cervix was closed. She said it was fine and it was important to help us feel close and be intimate together. I am so sorry. Email me anytime if you need to talk [email protected]. Big Hugs.
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  • I had a D&E after 15 weeks, so what my dr told me probably doesn't apply to your situation.  I was told to wait until the post-op appt (2 weeks later).  They gave me the ok at that point.  But we actually didn't until one month post D&E (for emotional reasons).

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

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