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bed rest really DOES work!

baby was sluggish, went in for NST and of course she got VERY active, lol. embarassing but much better than the alternative!  My reg appointment was tomorrow morning so dr. just did check today and I am pretty much completely effaced and 1 cm dilated.  She told me I can move about as much as I like but be prepared because it probably won't take long to get things moving, yikes!  I will be still for 2 more days due to DH's schedule and I 'hope' to get a few things done before she comes since I haven't been able to due to bedrest but no matter what, she is is crazy! and even with all of this news, it still seems like a dream, it is so surreal to think that within 2 weeks there will be someone else in charge of my life Wink

Bed resters, it was hard but has totally paid off after 6 weeks! Stick with it ladies, it really works and is so worth it!!!

Re: bed rest really DOES work!

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    I've been on bed rest for 10 weeks now and still have 15 more to go.  It is working and it's definitley for the best right now.  But it seems like it won't end!!
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  • Thanks for the encouragement!!!!
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  • Congrats and good luck!!!

    Yes it really does work.  I was on bedrest for over 15 weeks!!!  But now I have a perfectly healthly full term 3 week old baby in front of me.  Every second of bedrest is worth it! 

  • Glad to hear it works...I'm looking at 16 weeks of bedrest and the idea is daunting, but the end result should be worth it....
  • Bedrest is so hard, but I promise you ladies that once that baby is here, it will seem like a distant memory.  Just take it hour by hour, day by day.
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