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m/c Bleeding after D&C Question

This might be TMI for some, so if that bothers you, please feel free to skip. 

I had a D&C 2 weeks ago at 8 weeks after finding out that our twins had stopped growing at 6w3d.  I had light pink spotting the day of and day after my D&C and then nothing until 6 days after when I started bleeding heavily (like the heaviest part of my period) with all bright red blood.  I went to my RE and he said I had a 2cm x 4cm clot on my uterine wall and that I would probably continue to bleed until I passed that clot.

Fast forward to today.  Since then, I've been having the heavy bleeding almost every day, with only tiny specks of clots.  This evening I started having increased pain and I passed 3-4 large (think golf ball to small baseball size) clots and still am having strong pains and heavier bleeding.  I have an appointment in the morning with my RE to check my beta again and have another u/s but this is completely freaking me out.  I'm in so much pain, but I'm not using a pad an hour, which is what my RE told me to watch out for and go to the ER if it started happening.

Does this still sound normal for two weeks post-D&C?  How long has this gone on for those of you that have had to go through this?  I'm normally on TTTC, but I thought maybe this board might be more appropriate.  :( 

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Re: m/c Bleeding after D&C Question

  • I am very sorry you are going though this.  I personally didnt pass any clots larger then a quarter.  However, I have heard women say they passed clots the size of a plum.  Since you ahve your RE appt tomorrow, I would keep that.  The 1pad/hour is to make sure you dont loose too much blood, clots are kind of a different story.  I am hoping that the large clot they saw on the u/s broke into a few and you've passed the worse of it.

    If you are in pain, take what they gave you.  If you are all out you can take (unless you have a medical problem) up to 800mg ibuproffen every 6 hours, not to exceed 2400 in a 24 hour period.  You can also call your doc and see if they will phone in a perscription for soemthing stronger if you want.  I would also say if the pain becomes unbearable go to the ER.  They could do a 2nd D&C to remove that large clot and anything else thats still there.

    Im so sorry you have to go through a loss and then this mess.  ((BIG HUGS))

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  • I'm sorry you're going through this! Unfortunately I'm not much help. I did have a D&C over 2 wks ago, and I spotted for about 17 days afterwards, but didn't have any clots. I would definitely be wanting to find out what's going on though
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  • I had a D&C and had heavy bleeding with clots about a week and half later.  they put me on two meds:  methergine and another that I cant remember the name of.  Those meds really seem to work for me.  I finally stopped bleeding about 3 weeks after the procedure.  FWIW, after I passed a few clots, the bleeding stopped dramatically though I never had any pain.
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