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We registered for that same high chair your son is in! My fave color is orange so I had to had to have them for my girls! Do you like the chair?

Re: Goldilocks

  • yes! I love it! I had the Eddie bauer high chair to begin with and HATED it - it was very hard to clean off the seat (food would get trapped between the wooden slats) - had no wheels to roll around (which we realized we needed to do a lot), didn't recline, etc.

    So we didn't want to spend a ton on a 2nd chair and got the Baby Trend orange oak one - and we are VERY a happy with it.  my only complaint that it's hard to reach things in the storage sling underneath- i keep one corner of it "undone" so there is more space to reach in... but really- that is so minor  Oh- and the toy that comes with it is crappy- but really- who needs the toy on the high chair? 

    We have not used it reclining - but plan to get a 2nd one for the twins, since DS is rarely in it anymore.... so we'll probably use the recline feature with the twins when they are smaller.

    I think it's a great chair- esp for the price.  The seat wipes down easily- and we have washed the cover and it fits back on without any shrinking, etc.  The tray is easy to remove with one hand - and the tray insert is NOT easy for DS to remove, which is a good thing (he could pull out the insert of the EB one we had - which made it useless)

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