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Anyone decide when to start TTC again?

I am definitely waiting for AF, but can't decide beyond that whether to start right away or give it to mid summer...anyone made a decision as to when to start trying?? I'm very torn. Insight?
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Re: Anyone decide when to start TTC again?

  • Also waiting for AF, but DH and I talked about it this weekend and we're thinking about June or July.  If things go well I can have leave during the nice weather (which is a small window here in WI). 
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  • We havent decided when or if we will TTC again this time.  But I will tell you my experience...  I had a missed m/c in October 08 and had a D&C.  My dr said we could try after AF showed up and I got pg the first cycle.  But I ended up having a uterine infection that caused me to lose Grace at 18 wks.  They said the infection was probably there from my D&C because my body didnt have enough time to heal itself. 

    So after my experience I highly recommend talking to your dr and waiting the appropriate amount of time.  I would really like to spare everyone from going thru what I did..   One cycle just turned out not to be enough...

    Best wishes on your TTC journey.

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  • I am confirming with my GP tomorrow, but apparently the main reason to wait longer is to date pregnancy... so I am going to wait until the AF and then give it a go as that is what ultrasounds are for:).... I know you and I have both debated, but I think DH and I have decided on this approach... and am hoping tomorrow my doctor tomorrow will discuss infection risks with me.  (I know it is TMI, but I am avoiding infection, per her, by not having sex for 4 weeks instead of just 2, and not putting anything in my vagina or taking baths, etc, for the same period... and I would give MAJOR money for a bubble bath or to get in our jacuzzi right now.... )

    :)  I'll let you know what my doctor says tomorrow:)

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  • DH and I have talked about it and decided to wait until the doctor says it's ok to go ahead, and then let nature take its course.  I've never charted or anything, I thought about it, since I'm now really in baby mode after already having made it halfway through a pregnancy.  But I'm feeling like maybe it's too soon to chart for me, I'm afraid of the emotional ups and downs it might lead to, getting a BFN each month, stuff like that.  So, when doc says we can go back to getting busy, we'll just do that for now and see where it takes us.
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  • We are going to wait one more period and then decide. ?Emotionally, I am not ready right now and I do want to give my body the proper time to heal. ?I also dont want to wait too long either...I am 32. ?argh.
  • I am 11 wks post d&C and ok to try again. But I have not ovulated since my miscarriage.  Talk about frustrating.  Who knows when my body will be ready.
  • My OB told me to wait 2 cycles to make sure that my body gets back to pre pg mode. It is important to be both emotionally physically ready to try again. Don't push yourself if you are not completely ready.

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  • I miscarried between my girls and tried again right away.  It took 2 months.  I think we will try again immediately.
  • I am wating for AF and then trying again.  I am 38 and don't have time to waste, plus I m/c early at 5w and did not have to have a D&C.  Doc recommended waiting one cycle so that's what I'm doing.  The stories about infection are scary though - I will definitely see if I can be screened or tested for infection at next appt.  Does anyone know if that's possible?
  • I m/c naturally and did not have to have a d&c. I was told to wait "a few" cycles before trying again. DH and I have not really discussed as to when we will give it a go. But now since AF is here I do feel like I am beginning to heal and ready to move on.  GL with everything.
  • It's been one week sine my D&C. Our 1 year wedding anniversay is on June 27 which is exactly 3 months after the m/c. We are planning a trip for that weekend and plan to leave the condoms at home. I think by then I will be healed both emotionally and physically. I wish you luck in the future, I think you will know when the time is right.
  • We decided to start right away.  Emotionally I think we are ready.  We miss the baby and we have talked about it to great lengths and we think we are ready.
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  • In my case we are told to wait 3 months and today I am finishing my 1st AF. Angel Though we are waiting till August to begin our meeting with the RE and hopefully get the ball rolling again in Sept. I unfortunately have to wait a bit since my boss is 5 months pregnant and will be on leave for 2 months or so.
  • We want to start right away. I think I agree with abartane about just being super safe about things and not having sex for 4 weeks.  At the surgery, the doctor seemed to think I could start right away after AF but we will see tomorrow. I am in "baby mode" and we are ready so I want to start as soon as we can.

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  • Originally we wanted to wait a while. We miscarried on Feb. 12th. DH and I scheduled a trip to Vegas for the end of May. He doesn't want us to be pg while we are out there, but I wouldn't mind it. We are kind of letting "it happen"
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