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Warning:  There is something shockingly cute going on in your siggy right now.  Just in case you didn't know :)

Paged you here cuz 6-12 is way too messed up right now and am avoiding it for a while.  I am a touch ashamed at how invested in the drama I have been.  I noticed a direct correlation between my undone laundry/dishes and the amount of crap going on over there.  I needed a breather and am happy to say I have clean clothes to wear again and I wouldn't be embarrassed if someone popped in unexpectedly now.

Re: Clays!

  • haha- thanks :)

    6-12 is really messed up these days.  I haven't spent much time there myself.  I did pop over long enough to see you were going to POAS, however... I need to get a little more serious about spring cleaning here... we have a line-up of weekend guests starting this coming weekend and not ending until after may-long.  I think I'm in denial!

    I need to do SOME laundry though- or else A wouldn't have a diaper on his bum ;)

    What's R up to these days?? Keeping you busy ;)

    DS 06.26.08 DD 10.23.10
  • yup, POAS.  Negative on the digital but the cheapo one was a little ambiguous.  Still no AF but I'm not ready to shell out another 20 for a digi just yet. 

    Gah River is crazy.  He is officially crawling on all fours and pulls himself up on EVERYTHING.. Bathtime is a mess.  No teeth yet but I swear they are going to pop through any minute.  How did you handle A being so early with this stuff?

    I know what you mean about guests.  I had to start keeping track on the calendar and make MIL reschedule.  I only have 1 spare bed and I don't feel like making my Dad and MIL share it.

    It was amazing how much crap I got done around here just by avoiding this place for a few days.  I'm going to stick to the nice boards for a while.  :)

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  • You just handle it!  I guess it's like my cousin said to parenting his twins that were born the week before A- "We don't know any different"  I had teeth as a baby right around the same age, so I kind of expected that... the crawling at 4 months- I could have done without though ;)

    He's not walking yet, at least.  I think we're probably going to be walking soon though.

    I probably need to get off the computer for a couple of days too.  I get sucked into fb and there's not normally a ton of drama on EFF so I hang out there :)

    It's crazy how many more houseguests come more often with a LO, eh?  I hadn't seen my parents in our town once in 5 years and now they've been here a dozen times in 9 months!

    DS 06.26.08 DD 10.23.10
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