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Did any of you take your rings off?

I have heard to keep an eye on your hand swelling and to take your wedding rings off if they start to get tight. Silly question, but why? Would they have to cut it off you if you needed a csection? Whats the harm in just leaving them on snug?
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Re: Did any of you take your rings off?

  • My friend had to have hers cut off because she swelled so much that it was uncomfortable.

    I wound up taking mine off at the end, but it was just because it got uncomfortable.

  • My rings have been off for months.  I was wearing my DH's extra band (he had to get a different size after our wedding) but took that one off a few weeks ago.  I'm pretty swollen, especially when it's warmer outside.  I was uncomfortable with such a tight ring on - plus, IF anything did happen where the swelling got even worse, I didn't want to HAVE to have it cut off if it was cutting off circulation.  Probably just a random fear of mine...lol!
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  • imageSpeedGlenn:

    My friend had to have hers cut off because she swelled so much that it was uncomfortable.


    I also don't plan on wearing my rings to the hospital. I figure they are safer at home.

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  • you can't have on any jewelery during a c/s so maybe they would cut it off if it was too tight. I had to buy a cheap band b/c my regular ones didn't fit. I didn't like not wearing a w-ring.
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  • imageSpeedGlenn:

    I wound up taking mine off at the end, but it was just because it got uncomfortable.

    Ditto...snug I could have dealt with, but by the end it was WAY beyond snug :(?

  • I didn't wear mine for months. They were tight and it wasn't worth the pain. If they have to be cut of they won't do a good job... so I just left mine at home where they were safe.
  • I took mine off at 33 weeks because of swelling. ?It's good I took them off when I did -- they pumped me so full of fluids in L&D that I ballooned up -- I couldn't get my rings back on for about a month after delivery.
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  • I always took my rings off every evening anyway so it wasn't a big deal to me.  My engagment ring stopped fitting when I was about 3 months pregnant.  My wedding bad fit until about 3 weeks before I gave birth.  One day it didn't fit anymore. 
  • I haven't been able to wear my e-ring since about 35 weeks, and my wedding band hasn't been on for the last couple of weeks. 

    Last week I put my wedding band on a silver chain around my neck... which is fine, except DH is worried that it will break or I'll lose it... which would really suck bigtime.  I'm keeping a close watch on it so hopefully it will be fine and I can put my rings back on soon enough!!!!   :)  

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  • I took my e-ring off around 33 weeks or so and then about 35-36 weeks I took off my wedding band. It felt weird to get used to wearing it again after not having it on for a few weeks.
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  • I took mine off because it did start to get kind of difficult to take them off.  I wore them on a chain around my neck.
  • I haven't worn mine in months.  My mom actually had to get hers sawed off!  If they swell large enough, it's almost impossible to get them off and they can cut off your circulation.  I've been wearing a cheapo ring from Claire's for a while now b/c I was so accustomed to having a ring on.

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  • I had to take mine off due to swelling around the 3rd tri... I still can't wear them, even though the swelling is gone. I hope once I take some more weight off, they will fit again. I miss them. Sad

    I don't think it's a safety issue. Obviously you'll be able to judge if/when you can no longer put them on easily. You will have to remove all jewelry if you have a c-section though. I did, anyway.

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  • narknark member

    My SIL's got stuck (at home, well before the baby arrived) and started cutting off circulation. She tried everything to get them off, and eventually had to have them cut off at the ER. (Granted, she looked like a balloon for the last month or two of pregnancy.?Extremely?swollen.)

    This terrifies me, so I'll prob pull mine off as soon as they get snug.


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