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They are getting too heavy!

I had a chat with my girls on the way to day care this morning. I told them then need to slow down with the growing because they are growing faster then my muscles. My girls are only 3 months and I dont know how much longer I will be able to carry them inside in their carseat carriers. I guess the search for a small and lightweight double stroller might need to begin soon.
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Re: They are getting too heavy!

  • I keep telling DH that I'm gonna have arms of a bodybuilder w/ a flabby torso.?
  • LOL - just wait!!  I have two 27+ pound girls who are in a HUGE Mommy stage... they constantly want me to pick them both up and carry them, sometimes up the stairs.  That's almost 60 pounds of wiggly baby!  And pulling them in their giant wagon up hill.... it's torture.

    I don't understand why I'm not buff and super skinny... guess it could be all the Cadbury Eggs i shove in my face. :)

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  • Oh, I hear ya! My boys are just over 15 lbs already and they are SO heavy in their Snugrides!! I have a hard enough time just carrying one of them in his carseat! (Thank God for my DSNG!)
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  • I hear ya.  I finally had to take the boys out of infant carriers around 6.5 months - they were super heavy.  Now 22 and 23 pounds at 10 months.  The good news about it all though, is that I can literally eat anything I want and it doesn't matter!  Its a free workout!!  lol
  • they do grow up too fast. they are so stinkin' cute!
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