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was on oprah today. breaks my heart to watch him...his parkinsons has gotten bad :( his wife sounds like such a wonderful woman.

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  • I didn't see it but my mom told me about it. ?She said it was inspiring hearing what he had to say... she said he's learned all about unconditional love (from his wife).
  • it really is "in sickness and in health".  makes you thankful if you're living thru the health part...
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  • yes, seriously.  hearing their story is just so inspiring. im happy that two famous people can share a genuine love, which is hard enough being a "normal" couple, and even adding a disease that makes it hard to function sometimes would be stressful. 
  • I wish I got to see it.  My dad has parkinson's and it's amazing how much devotion is needed from my mom.  It takes such a toll on their relationship (which I think is the strongest marriage i have seen).  People forget the toll it takes on the caregiver.
  • I have always been crazy-head-over-heels in love wit MJF, ever since his Alex P. Keaton days. 

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