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Going to see a breast specialist (longish)

I was at the OB (again) on Friday and they gave me a new anti-bacterial cream. She was thinking it wasn't thrush since there was no improvement with the previous medications. The new cream made the pain MUCH worse. Just having DS touch my nipple would make my toes curl. This pain is seriously worse than contractions.

On Sunday Cindi Freeman (LC) came to the apartment to work with me on latching. I had to know I wasn't making things worse with a bad latch. DS is latching on great and she said he is a great nurser. So that eliminated that concern. 

I stopped the new cream and today I talked to the OB, who apparently has no clue what to do next. They referred me to Carolina Breast Care over by Rex.

I rented a hospital pump at BRU yesterday and have been expressing milk for DS. Pumping hurts but not nearly as much as nursing. I don't mind pumping but I seriously am sad that DS isn't getting to nurse right now. I'm going to the breast specialist tomorrow, so I hope to get an answer so DS can get back to the breast ASAP.

This is seriously the most frustrating thing I've ever dealt with. I am spending so much money on drs, prescriptions and pump parts/accessories. I never expected it to be THIS hard. Everyone keeps telling me how they are impressed I am sticking with it, but I just want to know what's going on so we can start fixing it!

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Re: Going to see a breast specialist (longish)

  • Good luck Becki!! What you are going through sounds so much like what I went through. I cried almost every time Maddie nursed for the first 3 months, when I started EPing b/c I couldn't take it anymore. I did have thrush at least once, but no one was able to figure out why I was having such bad pain either.

    My OB basically just told me "oh, it'll get better," I think she thought I was just complaining after experiencing normal early BFing pain. So you are lucky to have such a great OB and I hope they will be able to give you some answers! I completely understand how you feel about pumping. While it's great to still give DC BM, I missed nursing SO much when I starting EPing- even though it hurt so bad to do it!

    Good luck and HUGS! You're such a great mom and Caleb is lucky to have you!

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  • I seriously don't know how you are doing it. You are very strong!! I hope things get better for you and the specialist is able to help you. I gave up and I didn't even have pain, I don't have any words of wisdom for you.

    Caleb is a lucky little boy to have you for a mom!




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  • I had major issues with bfing my first dd, and ended up pumping. Then my supply just never got going, so even that only lasted about 8 weeks. It was so hard on me emotionally!

     I know it's frustrating, and I really hope it turns around for you! Good luck!

  • I hope you can get some answers soon because I know how frustrating the pain is!
  • I'm very impressed you're sticking with it too!  Sorry you're having such a hard time.  I hope it gets better soon.

    I had a hard time at first with BF.  I got mastitis and had to rent a pump.  DD's latch was so hard I was bruised.  But it did get better and I'm so glad I stuck with it. 


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  • It IS impressive that you're still sticking with it! It's hard enough to stick with out without all of those complications! I hope you can find out what's going on soon too!!!!

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  • I'm so sorry!  I hope the breast specialist is able to figure out what is causing your pain and help you get back to enjoying breastfeeding.  Best of luck!
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  • I'll cheer you on!!!  It's crazy how long clogged ducts, mastitis, and thrush take to clear up -- I sympathize.  Once you get through, you will be so glad you persevered through the pain.  BEST WISHES!!! :)
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  • Could you be allergic to something you're putting on your nipples?  My neighbor found out all too late that she was allergic to lanolin and neosporin.  The docs had her making a paste of 3 different things and as it turned out she was allergic.  Just trying to offer some other possible ideas to help.

    I'm sorry you are in so much pain.  I really hope they find out what's going on soon.  You are a trooper for hanging in there.  Good luck and big hugs!

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