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We are home and Owen has severe jaundice, so he is at the pediatrician every day, gets bloodwork and has to wear a bili blanket 24 hours a day. ?He is so beautiful and I am enjoying every minute with him, but I am exhausted! ?DH is back at work and my dad is here trying to help out a little, but there is still a lot going on. ?

Birth story is in my blog if anyone is interested and I hope everyone is ok and I am not missing anything :) ?Hopefully we will get in a routine here pretty soon and I can feel human again.?

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  • Glad you are home! Hopefully he will recover from the jaundice quickly so you can enjoy your time at home without all the pedi visits. Hang in there. Congrats again, mama!
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  • Congrats again, he's beautiful! 
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  • Congrats! I hope the jaundice heals up soon!
  • Good Luck with your DH going back to work tomorrow.  Ella had bad jaundice too and was under a bili light for over 48 hours.  I'm glad though they are sending you home with the bili blanket - we tried to convince the pedi to do that, but she said no.  I'll hope for a sunny day and maybe you can sit Owen in front of the window. 


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  • I'm glad you guys are home and hope his jaundice clears up soon!
  • Glad you are both home - I hope Owen recovers from his jaundice quickly!
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  • Glad you are both home.  I hope Owen's jaundice clears up soon and that you are able to get some rest.
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  • Hang in there! I hope Owen's jaundice clears up soon!
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