Anyone have the MacLauren Twin Triump? — The Bump

Anyone have the MacLauren Twin Triump?

What do you like or dislike about it?  Thanks!

Re: Anyone have the MacLauren Twin Triump?

  • Funny, I posted about this stroller last night and got no answers.  :(  I love that it folds easily, is lightweight and VERY easy to maneuver!  I dislike that there is no snack tray/sippy holder!!  I had asked if anyone knows if there is anything compatible that I can buy for snacks/cups but got no bites.
  • I love this stroller, it is so convenient and easy to use.  These days I actually use this stroller more than my BOB.  Unfortunately I don't know about a place for sippy cups and snacks.  I use those plastic links to attach a snack cup to the side, that would probably work for a sippy cup too...maybe?!?
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