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Can someone please explain how diaper swapper works? ?How do you purchase items from posts? ?How do you search (it keeps telling me I'm not authorized to search)? ?I feel like an idiot everytime I go to this website so I have yet to try to sell any of my extra stash, let alone buy anything. ?Help!
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Re: Diaper swapper

  • That's strange -- I've never seen that error message.  Their search function is amazing -- you can go back a few years and find anything anyone's ever written.  I find it to be SO helpful.  The only somewhat annoying thing is that your search term has to be at least four letters.  Hmmm...I'm sorry I don't know how to help with that one. :(

    As you go through the FSOT pages, you'll find pics, descriptions, and prices.  Most prices will be ppd, meaning postage paid (by the seller).  You click on their name and it'll pull up a drop down box and one of the choices is to send them a private message.  There you can say you're interested and ask any follow-up questions.  (And DO ask questions about the condition!  You can often bargain too, especially if you buy a lot from one seller.)  After you agree, the seller will send you her PayPal address (the e-mail address she uses with PayPal), and you log onto PayPal, click on "send money," and type in their e-mail address and enter how much you're sending.  That's the short version...give it a shot!  As you know, I bought Kira's entire newborn stash on DS, and I've bought, sold, and traded a bunch more since then too.

    Just to warn you, they've been having severe virus issues lately, so if you're using a PC, make sure you have virus protection on your computer. :(

    It's a great time to buy since I've heard a ton of items are sitting on DS right now and sellers are having to lower their prices, so I bet you can find some extra big bargains.  Have fun -- there's a TON of stuff!  :)

    ETA: Are you registered?  I wonder if they limit guests' ability to search, perhaps?

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  • Thanks. ?This helps. ?I was thinking there'd be some kind of 'buy now" button or something. ?I am registered, maybe I was trying to search in the wrong section or something.
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