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post miscarriage bleeding won't stop

I had a natural missed M/C and have been spotting/light bleeding for about 8 weeks now. The first few weeks were mostly brown and it seemed like it was about to stop, then it picked up and has been red since. I just figured my AF had arrived, but a 4 week AF? It seems so neverending! I guess it doesn't help that my hcg quants are dropping extremely slowly. Doc says I might need to go on BC to stop the bleeding. Nooo! I'm finally emotionally ready to TTC again!

Re: post miscarriage bleeding won't stop

  • Sorry about your loss.   I wish I had some words of advice for you.  I had a D&C  so mine was different.. 

    I hope that the bleeding stops and you get back on the TTC train soon....

    I am a married mom of 3 beautiful earthly DD's ages 15 yrs, 6 yrs and 11 months. I am the mom of 5 angel babies (CP, 7 wks, 8 wks, 18 wks, and 14 wks losses)

  • IF the BC would make the bleeding stop... and put you on a schedule to be able to TTC it might be ok... I mean endless bleeding vs. a stop to it.... I'll cross my fingers for you that it doesn't come to that....
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  • I am sorry for your loss.  If you read my siggy you can see that I bled for 82 days.  Your story sounds a lot like mine.  I dealt with it as spotting for a long time, and then I thought I had AF twice.  The doctor told me that I would need to go on BC to stop the bleeding.  And my hcg was falling slow too.  But before she did that, she had me get an intensive internal u/s.  Well that showed that I sill had retained tissue.  I ended up needing to get a D&C to remove the tissue.  Then AF came three weeks later and everything went back to normal.

    Just a warning too -- my old ob (switched due to all of this) did an u/s with a portable machine and she said everything had passed.  So you may want to ask your ob for an internal one.

    Good luck to you.  I know how horrible it is to wait for eveyrthing to be back to normal.

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  • I have had several vaginal ultrasounds (is that what you are talking about?), the last one showing that there was still some blood inside. My hcg was 154 two weeks ago. My doc says if it gets below 100 she will let me go...but the bleeding may need B/C. I tested hcg again today (for the 7th time!) - maybe tomorrow or Thursday I will get results. She said she was trying to rule out a partial mole.

    thanks for your response - it helps to know I am not alone! Congrats on your new pregnancy!!

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