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12:40 am and DD is wide awake

Thank you DH!

He got jealous that she cuddles up to me at night and decided to pull her closer to him which was fine untill she started squarming and he decided he would rather sleep so he pushed her back over to me which wakes her up fully and he rolls over and goes to sleep and leaves me to try to get DD back to sleep (after I spent an hour getting her to sleep)  GRRRRRR

Re: 12:40 am and DD is wide awake

  • What a weasel!!! DH, not your DD!
  • Ok, it's adorable that he just wanted snuggle time with her (I miss co-sleeping, but I sleep so much better now), but he should be putting her back to sleep.
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  • Poke him! ?Wake his butt up!
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