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WWYD in this situation

Dh works in a school and today when 2 students were playing around 1 boy jumped on another boy's back which forced him to the ground breaking rib and sending him to the hospital.  If you are ever put in this situation with a son going to the hospital would you want the parents of the boy who injured your son to pay for the hospital bill?  In this situation the boys were just playing around but I think I would want the other childs family to pay for all doctors cost, due to we have a steep co-pay.

Re: WWYD in this situation

  • i don't know.  on the one hand i'm thinking "boys will be boys," but on the other, if my son broke another kids rib fooling around, you'd better believe that i would step up right away to pay the copays -- accident or not, my kid hurt their kid, kwim?
  • tough call. I'd discuss at least splitting it.
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  • I'm thinking "boys will be boys" and it's just life.
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  • Boys will be boys... if it was a fight, yes. ?Playing, no.
  • boys will be boys....I would pay the copay and be done with the situation.  They were playing around and your son got hurt....it may be the first, but, certainly not the last time this happens.  That's what insurance is for.

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  • ha.  just asked DH who lived something similar:

    when he was in highschool he and his buddy were goofing around checking each other (hockey players) as they walked down the hall. well, his buddy checked DH and his head went right through a window.  he was millimeters away from being blind and had to have major surgery.  the ILs didn't go after the kid or the school (even though they technically could bc the glass they had wasn't the right kind or something).  yowza, i almost forgot about this....

  • Goofing off?  No.  I had a friend break my tooth while "wrestling" for a lollipop in middle school and my parents paid for it.

    Fight?  Yes.  A boy punched my sister in the face in high school (lovely choice of friends) and knocked 3 teeth loose.  I would've asked the parents for payment even though my parents didn't.

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  • I am kinda late to this but here is my story:

    2 years ago, before DH was DH and he was still just my BF we were playing softball.  I was catcher, he was 1st base.  There was a strange play at home base (kind words for some idiot girl was standing there when she shouldnt have) and the ball went right in my mouth, knocking out my tooth, breaking my jaw and cutting my upper lip, which eventually died and fell off bc of blood loss.  It required $25,000 in surgeries, which are still on-going.  I never asked my (now) ILs to pay anything, and they never offered.  I think it was just unspoken that we both knew the risks we were taking by playing the game. 

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