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how much longer?!?! (early m/c)

I started "spotting heavily" (for lack of a better term) last Wed (5w4d.) I've had some cramping, but not much worse than my period. It hasn't really gotten better or worse since then, mostly a continuous drip.  Today, it seems like it's letting up...

I went to the dr. yesterday, and she said my cervix was still closed, but the blood was clearly coming from my uterus.  However, my bloodwork was not good - HcG 104 (should be 1000-8000) and very low progesterone .1 (should be 15 - 20), so it's pretty clear that this is a m/c.  Tomorrow's bloodwork will just confirm it.

I really thought that the heavy stuff would happen soon, but it really seems to be slowing down.  I just want this to be over!  Anyone else have a drawn out natural m/c?  Sorry if this has been asked a million times...

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Re: how much longer?!?! (early m/c)

  • Mine was about 5 days of what was like a heavy period. 


    Hopefully it's over for you soon.


  • Mine was different.  I had spotting for less than 24 hours then I was full on bleeding.  I bled heavily for a few days and then I was done.  I was 5w2d when I had my natural MC.
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  • I went in 2 weeks ago for bleeding which they said was from a hemmorage near my uterus- the bleeding stopped after a day but I had to go in the next week for more tests which confirmed a demised preg after 6.5 weeks. ?I have yet to pass it, all the bleeding is coming from the hemmorage not my uterus so I'm so frustrated. ?I just want it to be over with. ?I want my body to do its natural process as well but I only have a week left until I have to do the DNC if it doesn't pass. ?

    I hope none of you ever go through this again, it's a nightmare. ??

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