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Thank you!

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the you ladies (particularly 4510Heather) for your support and responses to my post yesterday.  I was in bed very early, so I didn't get to post this in the actual thread before it got buried. 

Heather, did they realize your endo was as bad as it was before they went in?  Had you had the diagnosis of endo for awhile before your surgery?  Was the surgery able to be done through laproscopy (sp?)? 

Sorry for all the questions - I don't get to see the doctor again until next Tuesday, so I'm full of questions!




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Re: Thank you!

  • You might want to page Heather...(put her screen name in the topic line of a post) She may miss your thanks. Or you can proabably edit the title of this post.

    BTW, good of you to shout out a Thank you!

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