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Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss

marley & me warning...

How did I not know that the author and his wife had a miscarriage? I'm probably the last person to read this book... but it caught me totally off guard so I wanted to warn you guys.

I was reading it on a plane yesterday and ended up bursting into tears. Not only did they have a miscarriage, but they discovered it at their first ultrasound just like my husband and I did. It was like reading our story in print... down to the going home and crying on my lab puppy. 

So a warning, if you haven't read it yet... be prepared for that. 

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Re: marley & me warning...

  • I watched the movie without being warned.  It was like re-living what happened to me back in October.  It happened the exact same way and just broke my heart when I had to watch it in the movie...

    I posted a warning awhile back to spare girls from the same agony I went thru watching it.  Thanks for posting this!

    I am a married mom of 3 beautiful earthly DD's ages 15 yrs, 6 yrs and 11 months. I am the mom of 5 angel babies (CP, 7 wks, 8 wks, 18 wks, and 14 wks losses)

  • Thanks for the warning. Me and DH were planning on watching that soon. We were talking about it this weekend.

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  • I am SOOO glad I know this now before watching the movie. I really want to see it but now I can be "prepared". I'll probably still be a wreck.
  • When the movie first came out (before my m/c) my 6-year-old brother in law told me "I hope your baby doesn't die like in 'marley and me'." I never saw the movie. But it made me cry that I did lose my baby like she did.
  • I got to that part in the book right after my m/c (literally like the day after), and I had no idea that happened...not the best timing. Sad
  • Thanks for the warning.  I picked up the movie I'll be prepared for it.
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