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really confused

maybe someone can help me make sense of this. U/S last week showed no HB when there should have been. betas not doubling but still going up next day, then started going down late last week. Was told I would start bleeding soon and haven't yet. Got a call today that they are now going back up, not doubling or anything, but going up after they were already going down. Sent for another u/s and now they see a yolk sac when last week they saw nothing. This is crazy and a rollercoaster and I really don't think this pg will sustain. anyone else go through this?  Thanks!

Re: really confused

  • I have no advice, but I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I can't imagine the up and down emotions you are feeling, but I hope you get some answers soon.  Good Luck!
  • I did not have my levels monitored last time -- but I did have slow growth that we followed with weekly u/s.  My baby grew to a fetal pole but the heart never started. 

    I do what to give you hope though from my coworker who just shared this with me.  They thought they were losing their last son because his wife's hcg levels were going down.  And then they went back up and they have a healthy son now.

    I know how hard the rollercoaster is.  I wish the best for you.

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