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Hello, I've never posted on the bump before, but my husband and I were expecting our first child. He's 25 and I'm 22. I just miscarried a few days ago and no one in my family has spoken to me since.  We all live in the same town and it's awkward and my husband and I just need someone to talk to about this. All of our friends work at the hospital so I'm getting all kinds of different advice.

 I just feel really alone with everyone tiptoeing around me. It's okay to talk, and it would make me feel a lot better.

 - Izzy

Re: Need to talk

  • HUGS!  I am so thankful for this board now.  When I miscarried between my girls, I posted on Parenting and was actually made fun of for not dealing with my m/c how others would.  Like you, I didn't have real people who talked to me about it.  I was so lost, so sad, angry and upset.  This time seems so much easier physically and emotionally.  I don't know if it is because I was 11 weeks last time, or if they think I may of had a blighted ovum this time.... 

    Welcome, I am so sorry for your loss.  Hugs!

  • I am so sorry to hear about your loss.  I think to a degree we all need to talk about what happened.  It helps get a sense of normalcy, which helps the grieving process.  We are all here if you want to talk about anything ((BIG HUGS))
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  • I'm so sorry for your loss **HUGS**

    I feel like all I do is talk to my family about it and I feel like they get sick of hearing me "whine" about it. Whether or not that is true, I don't know. But they have not been through it. The ladies on this board have been nothing but wonderful, accepting and comforting. I can come on here and just vent and someone may have the same feelings as I do and can relate. I am so glad a friend of mine turned me on to getting on here, otherwise I don't know if I could have healed as well as I have. 

    Good Luck to you and your family. Keep us updated. 

  • I am so very sorry for your loss.  I did not have anyone to talk to about the m/c and found this board so supportive and helped me through the roughest times.  People sometimes just don't know what to say so they avoid it by not saying anything.  <<big hugs to you>>
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  • I'm so sorry. Everyone is right, this board is amazing. I know how people can make it awkward. It's been over a month since our m/c and I still hate having to tell people who don't already know. I just want to go cry. I hope your family gets over themselves soon though. My family was a huge support for me through this hard time
  • Tell them that you need to talk about it and that you will grieve but that's OK.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I felt it was hard to talk to family, even though they always listen, because none of them have ever m/c. I love this board because we are all going through the same emotions and we have been there. I hope it is as much of a comfort for you as it is for me.



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  • So sorry for your loss.  And Im sorry that no one wants to talk to you about it.  This board is a great outlet for dealing with m/c.  I wouldnt have gotten thru my first m/c without the help of these great gals...

    Please feel free to come here anytime and vent or just talk to girls who have been in your shoes!

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  • I am so very sorry for you loss.  I found the support from the incredible women on this board to be one of the most helpful things to me after my loss.....Many friends/family, who have not suffered a loss, are uncomfortable about talking about it, or just plain scared to bring it up....Also, for me,  it really helped me to know I was not the only one out there that recently went such a terrible event. 
  • Thank you everyone for you kind words. I never thought I would even look at this forum, but now it is very helpful.  Most of the advice I get from friends is rationalizing why, but maybe some things don't happen with reason.  I'm happy I have people to talk to here. 


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