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Was I the only one that loved the mesh panties?

OMG I swear I may just order some online just to wear just because.  I loved them.  They were so comfy.

Re: Was I the only one that loved the mesh panties?

  • Hehe... I loved them too! Nothing held in those big honkin' pads like those did. plus, like you said, they were comfy!

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  • Um - I brought 6 pairs home and love them!  They are so comfy - even better for me now b/c my incision isn't healing well and I hate to get my undies ruined. 
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  • I loved them too.  They gave me several pair before leaving and I just threw them in the laundry and wore them until they wore out.  Smile

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  • I wouldn't say I loved them, but I for sure didn't bring any of my own undies, and I wore them home. There is NO WAY you could survive without them while in the hospital.



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  • Me too!  I thought they were great.
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  • Nope, you are not alone, I loved them too!  I even asked for a couple extra pair so I could bring them home =)
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  • I hated those things (they got caught up in my staples...ouch!), but a friend of mine gave me some "Depends" and although it sounds terrible, those things were GREAT!! All our friends have converted...hehehe! The nurses thought they were a great idea too :)
  • Yeah for the time being, but I was okay to go back to my regulars.
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  • I liked them too, but was excited to get back into pre-pregnancy panties as well!
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  • I liked them too...they were easier on my incision for the first week or two!
  • I loved them too!  They were the best.  I wore and washed them until they started to ravel.  Hanes makes some that are very similar but slightly more stylish - I think they are called Comfort Panties.  They look like they would fit a 2 year old, but they stretch like nothing else!
  • Yes I loved them too!! Man its hilarious taht this many of us loved these mesh panties. I took the rest of the ones I had in my room home with me and wore and washed them till they unravelled. They were great with my inscision and helped keep those big old pads in place!! The things we as post pardum moms enjoy!!

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