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5 weeks and I got my period...

Has this happened to anyone? Now my supply is low, I used pump close to 5 oz., now I am only getting about 2.5 oz. What should I do? My son is getting as frustrated as I am. Does my supply go up after my period goes away?

Re: 5 weeks and I got my period...

  • I still had PP bleeding at 5 weeks.....are you sure it's your period?

    Anyway, yes your supply usually goes back up after you get your period.  The last couple months my supply hasn't even been affected so I think it various from month to month.

  • Huhm - you don;t say if you pump exclusively. If you do- your supply may not go back up...I EP and had almost the same thing happen just a couple weeks later...I ended up trying to get baby to the breast- which failed miserably once I went back to work...

    Keep in mind- the Let-down reflex is starting to take hold now too- the more you stress over how little you pump the less you're gonna pump....I've been EP'ing for 7 months now and it still happens to me.

    Either way you period may be to blame...my output goes down about 1 ounce... 

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  • hmmm, i don't have much advice because i didn't get my period 'til i totally quit nursing.  i too had post partum bleeding for 5 weeks +/-.

    you might as well put in a quick call to your lactation consultant or Dr.  at 5 weeks i was still getting engorged easily.  maybe you just had a bad pumping session?  do you only pump or do you also nurse?

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