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I looked back at some posts and saw the good news about your IVF with your cousin.  I am so happy that everything is going so well and I pray that it continues for you!  You have waited so long and been through so much!

By the way, thanks for the nice post.  Sometimes I feel a little homeless on here.  Not sure what group I fit into best, but this board seems to be the nicest and most informative.  BTW, the reason I have to wait 3-6 months before TTC again is that they use a chemotherapy drug to stop the ectopic (less damaging than surgery) but it stays in your body for a little while and it can cause major birth defects.  We may even need to use condoms... a crazy thought considering I've been off bc for over 2 years. But you never know and i don't want to risk deadly birth defects.  In some ways i'm actually needing the break mentally anyways.  My arm is permanantly bruised from all the blood work and I'm sick of popping pills, sticking stuff up my hoo-ha etc.  (sorry, TMI).  It will be relaxing to step away for a little bit.  I'm sure by June I will be ready to get going again. 

Well, again, congrats and keep us posted.  My fingers will stay crossed for you!


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  • Hi Jen!!!!

    Thanks for the sweet reply about my cycle.  It seems like it has taken FOREVER to get to this stage, but it is finally time to start Lupron.  I'm rather excited, but as you know well, I'm cautious too.  My cousin, who hasn't had trouble getting pregnant, doesn't understand fully my hesitation versus me getting really excited, but she's trying to put herself in my shoes.

    I certainly understand your feeling "alone" out here.  I don't post anymore on the tttc check-in's on the C-bus zeta board as I just feel like a total "outsider".  Thankfully I feel somewhat at home here, although I must admit, I'm already worried that if this works where will I belong?  So...I guess what I'm trying to say is that you aren't alone!!!

    I had no idea that the shot ORM gave you was a chemotherapy drug.  Wow.  Then I TOTALLY understand them wanting you to wait it out.  Isn't it crazy...after all these years we use bcp and condoms to prevent something from happening that never happened naturally for us?  As far as a break...as hard as it is to tell you heart and your brain, YOU need it.  I hated being on a break, but it was probably one of the best things I could have done for myself...mentally, physically, and emotionally.  By June you'll be itching to move forward, but hopefully you'll feel better all over to be able to move forward.  :-)

    I'm always around to talk.  It's nice to know that in this big city, someone is rooting for me...and I will always be rooting for you!!!!




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