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Hi, 1st ppl seem to have boundary issues with pg women 'cause they ask questions that are really none of their business - like, what I plan to do with my boobs when my kid comes out.  ugh.  I never seem to know how to politely tell them it's not cool to ask me those types of questions so I often end up in stupid conversations. 

 Anyway, a woman was talking to me about breastfeeding and told me that once a woman breastfeeds, her nipples will never go down again and you will always have hard nipples (like it's cold out all the time).  Is this true?  It's something I never thought to wonder about before.

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  • Ok - I've only been bfing for the past 3 months, but my nipples are just - thank you very much. They are NOT always hard!
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  • i've been BFing 6 mos, and although they are hard when i get engorged, they are soft the rest of the time. They are def bigger than before, but that may change once i wean DS.
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