How early did you start having BH? — The Bump

How early did you start having BH?

And what did it feel like?

I just started getting really tight and hard all over my stomach and it doesn't last very long, is usually just once a day and it isn't painful. But, someone mentioned it may be Braxton Hicks and I wondered if I should be worried, call my OB or if it is totally normal.

Re: How early did you start having BH?

  • Sounds like BH -- mine started around 28 weeks. If you have more than 4 per hour call your OB, or if they start getting painful
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  • Mine started at 24w and sounded exactly like what you're describing.  I had a lot on them and had to stop doing stairs a few weeks later.
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  • I have them...and they started last 2 weeks. Last Fri they were kinds painful..not scary pain but more then just the tight so a call to the OB and that is what she said I was having...i have to track mine now because I am earlier then most when they start ..but totally normal
  • 25 weeks as well - they were about 2-3 times a day to start. 
  • BH started at 14 weeks for me....but it was my 2nd pregnancy
  • I started having them consistently at 19 weeks.  What you are describing sounds like BH.  I had to call or go in to L&D anytime I had more than 6 an hour.
  • I started around 27 weeks.  Keep an eye on them.  If you are having more than 4 an hour call your doctor.  I had to spend a night in the L&D last week because I was having them every 10-15 minutes.   Luckily they went away and I've been fine since (well one here and there, but nothing consistent).
  • Sounds like BH - mine started about 18 weeks, and had several trips to L&D b/c of them (more than 4 per hour).  Normal!
  • Mine started around 18.5 weeks. I have those and I also have an irritable uterus. I ended up in L&D at 20 wks because I was having like 7-8 an hour. My OB prescribed terb. for the contrax if there are more then 6 an hour. ?It is very common to get them earlier then with a singleton. There are some days now that I get 3-4 an hour for like 1/2 a day. I tend to get them more when my stomach is growing. I also get RLP with them too.

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  • I started at 12 weeks. I was having an ultrasound and they saw that I was having them. as long as your cervix is long the docs don't worry.
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