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double ear infections and a few other things...

both boys have ear infections..and of course Colton has a small fever and his ear infection is so so and Cooper has no fever and his is raging...sooooo note to self when they seem off take them in!

Coltons tounge is bit all the way thru from his fall on friday...I did not post about it..he took a header into the stainless steel kitchen island..two feet away from me. grrrrrrr. a nasty cut lip and a full blown bit thru tounge.

Good news..the boys got measured and weighted and the are in the 80th (colt)and 95th % (coop) for height and right around 50% for weight!

hopefully the meds kick in soon and they start feeling better!

Re: double ear infections and a few other things...

  • glad you took them in! hopefully they will feel better v soon.
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  • So sorry to hear about the boys ear infections.  I just saw your post below and I could have written the same thing a few days ago.  My Robie had been up screaming at night but no fever, no cold, nothing else going on so we thought it was teething.  Saturday he woke up wheezing and DH thought allergies, but I just had this feeling something else was going on.  Took him to urgent care and boom - double ear infection just like your boys. 

    If it helps - he responded very quickly to the antibiotics.  He was feeling more like himself within 24 hours.  In fact, we took him for a follow-up with his regular pedi yesterday and she said his ears looked perfectly clear. 

    If you want a chuckle - my other DS Teddy is very jealous of Robie's medicine and feels like he's missing out on something good. Yesterday morning DH and I were wrestling with Robie to try and get him to swallow the medicine (yes - it takes 2 of us and we still get it everywhere but in his mouth)  and Teddy somehow managed to reach up onto the dining room table and grab the open bottle.  He sprayed pink amoxicillin everywhere and was trying to chug-a-lug.  Luckily he's only used to bottles and sippy's and he didn't know to tip the bottle to get the liquid out - so he was just kind of biting the top. That would have been a fun 911 call - "Hi, my son just shotgunned a bottle of amoxicillin?" 

    Hope the medicine works fast and your little guys feel better soon!


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  • Poor buddies. you've got yourself some tough little dudes.   I can't believe about the tongue - owie!
  • poor little guys and poor MOMMY :(  I hope the meds kick in very quickly so everyone gets a little relief.
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  • Good for you for checking!

    At least now you'll have something to hopefully get them settled back down soon!!!?

  • Oh no, sorry to hear it.  Hope they are feeling better very soon.
  • so glad you took them, but sorry about the ear infections!  They've been the highlight of our winter - even after tubes! ugh.  great news about the weights!

  • Hope they feel better soon - my guys were feeling better in no time after the meds.
  • Poor guys, mine had that last month! both with double ear infections and bronchitis! They were miserable for about 2 weeks straight. Hope they heal quickly!
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