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Hey there!

How are you doing?  I have seen that the 2ww crazies have set in:)  That is probably the thing i fear most about my FET. 

I have been trying to follow all your posts and i hope the BFP one comes soon!

I have a ?

You did a SET, correct?  That is what i plan on doing.  We have 3 left, but i had a preterm labor episode with 1, so i think i better play it safe and transfer only 1.

Did the RE say anything about odds or percentages of SET vs. 2 FET?  I have my consult set up for the end of april, so i will ask my RE these ??? then, but i was just curious if your had any imput.

Good luck!  I am pulling for you:)

Re: ***CHI-06***

  • Hi!  I am doing alright...just as you said enduring the 2ww crazies ;)~  oh so fun!  Only 3 days to go though!  I am debating now about testing at home Friday morning or just waiting for the beta...my DH wants to wait.

    What is SET?  Sorry...

    Did you transfer one last time?  We did and it worked so that was my Dr's reco again.  She said that their success rates from a fresh cycle and a frozen are the same.  So they rated my embryo the day it was thawed and we have the same chances as we would if we had a fresh cycle with an embryo rated the same.  They have a 96% thaw rate at my clinic. 

    I'm not sure if I really answered your question...

    and yes I am sure I will post a few times on Friday before and after my results come in... :)

    Daughter born July 2008; Daughter born March 2010 Son born August 2011
  • Oh and one more thing... after thaw they rated my embryo 1aa which is exactly what it was before it was frozen :)
    Daughter born July 2008; Daughter born March 2010 Son born August 2011
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  • Yes, SET is single embryo transfer.

    I did a FET the last time as i had OHSS with my fresh and couldn't transfer.  I did transfer 2 and 1 stuck....so this is where part of my "oh what to do, 1 or 2" questions come from.

    I know that if i would have been able to transfer during my fresh they were only going to allow 1 (not because of the OHSS) but because the number of pg's were the same.  But because i did an FET they allowed 2 since the results were not as good for frozen.

    However, I am pretty sure my clinics stats were the same last year Fresh vs. Frozen.  So now i am wondering if there is any difference in the stats for transferring 1 or 2 frozen.....sorry if i am rambling and don't make sense.

    Well, i hope that baby is nestling in! 

  • If your clinic has the same stats for fresh vs frozen then you should do the same thing you would if it were a fresh cycle.  Yes the chances for success transferring 2 vs 1 is greater... but the chance of twins is there then.  For me I didn't want that.  Our bodies are really meant to carry one...and it makes me nervous all the things that could happen carrying twins.  So since we still had others frozen if transferring one didn't work we have stuck with one.  That is our theory...  it is such a hard decision though I know!  I am sure talking to your RE and asking questions will help make you more comfortable in your decision too!  Good luck!!!
    Daughter born July 2008; Daughter born March 2010 Son born August 2011
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