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Double strollers - ? from someone else

Hey helpful ladies...

I offered to ask this question here, from someone else...

Any input would be welcome...

My husband and I have one just-turned-2-year-old and are expecting a baby in May. I am considering purchasing a double stroller, but they're very expensive, and at this point I can only get one, so I want to gather as much information as I can.

We currently have three single strollers: a Maclaren umbrella, a Phil & Ted's sport buggy, and an older-model Baby Jogger. We live near a very small city, but we use the Baby Jogger the most: there are a lot of bike paths nearby and, when it isn't winter, we take it out on them almost every weekend. Last summer I jogged a good deal with it. It doesn't fold and thus won't fit in our car, or else we might use it even more.

I use the Maclaren perhaps twice a month when I take my son into town, or when we travel to see my parents in Boston. In contrast, I've been quite disappointed in the Sport and almost never use it. It's heavy and awkward to handle when folded, making it inconvenient for trips around town, its tires are too soft for much all-terrain use, and the jogger is a much nicer ride for the bike paths. I had hoped to use it as a two-child stroller, but may just sell it.

Based on our current stroller usage, and given that I would really like to start jogging again this summer, I am most interested in buying a double jogger. I just took a look yesterday at BOB Revolutions/Duallies and was highly impressed: the BOB is everything I wish the Sport was. Meanwhile, I could wear the new baby in a wrap or Ergo, and put my son in the single umbrella stroller, for the times I need to go into town.

But the BOBs are very expensive ($550-ish) and although their folding mechanism and light weight is pretty impressive, there's no question--they're big. I'm a very slow jogger and I wonder if the weight of two children will be too much, or whether its sheer width will make me hesitant to use it much.

I am having a hard time finding much useful information out there, either. seems to have the best so far, but they don't offer a ton of info on double joggers. I may check out
Baby Bargains or Amazon reviews, but I feel like there must be some site somewhere with a bazillion threads on double strollers.

So, several questions for those of you with experience in this realm:

--if you bought a double jogger, was it worth it, i.e. did you get enough use out of it to justify the cost?
--am I going to miss not having a double umbrella stroller more than I realize?
--what model would you recommend?
--did you ever use the jogger for getting around town?
--anything else I should consider?
--any forums or sources that you would recommend I consult?

By the way, I have considered a bike trailer, but don't think the tradeoffs make it worthwhile for us.

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Re: Double strollers - ? from someone else

  • --if you bought a double jogger, was it worth it, i.e. did you get enough use out of it to justify the cost?

    Yes, I bought mine on Craigslist so it was less expensive than a new one.  I live in Colorado where there are a lot of bike/walking paths and tons of parks.  I take them out whenever I can.

     Yes --am I going to miss not having a double umbrella stroller more than I realize?

    I personally need both a double umbrella and a jogging stroller.  But my jogger is a side by side.  It's wide and although it does fold up, it's not as easy to fold/compact as my double umbrella.  I think you could get away with just a jogger if it was a Phil and Teds. 

    --what model would you recommend?

    I love my Dreamer Design jogger because the canopy rotates to block out the sun.  The sun is very bright here, not so much an issue in places like San Francisco.  I know that a lot of people love their City Mini Jogger because it's not as wide as most other joggers.  I never tried out the BOB because it was way out of my price range.  But I hear that they're great.

    any forums or sources that you would recommend I consult?

    I found the reviews on Amazon very helpful.  And also my mothers of multiples group.

  • I have the BOB revolution duallie and I love love love to take it on walks around the neighborhood and eventually will jog with it when they're a little older BUT there is no way that it could be my "only" stroller.  I just got a double umbrella for ease of open/close and in/out of the car.  The BOB is just too big for me to lug everywhere.
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  • What about getting the toddler seat for the Baby Jogger?  You could put both kids in the jogger that way.  Or get the doubles kit for your Phil & Ted Sport buggy. 

     You might find a Jane Powertwin on craigslist.  It's an AWESOME stroller and I'm trying to find one myself.  It's a tandem jogger and folds up well for the car.

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