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IUI #2 is done!

Let the 2ww begin! We had 23 million sperm, compared to only 4.3 mil last IUI and I had one follicle measuring 20mm...YEA.  Who else is in the 2ww? 

Re: IUI #2 is done!

  • Good luck!! I'm in the 2ww, but not holding my hopes too high.
  • GL girl!!!

     I may be in the 2ww...not really sure actually given that my temperatures have been all messed up this cycle.  I haven't been paying too much attention since other issues are probably preventing getting KU right now...but i should know something by next week i guess!

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    Multiple failed clomid, injecitble and IUI cycles
    IVF #1 Janaury 2011: 28 retrieved, 22 fert normally
    5dt of two beautiful blasts (6 frozen)
    BFP 2/10/2011 (holy cow!!!)
    1st u/s 2/24: 2 gestational sacs, it's twins! Only 1 heartbeat, Baby A, 110 BPM
    2nd u/s 2/28: 2 heartbeats! It's twins!
    3rd u/s 3/7: Lost Baby B :-( Baby A looking good.
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  • Good luck!! Hope this 2ww goes by quick.

    I am 9dpo/iui and am going to be testing this fri or sat.  


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    2 more years of failed IF treatments and a failed adoption TTC #3
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  • Good luck to you!?

    I'm 2dpiui, and I'm not busy enough at work or home this week to keep my mind off things, it's driving me nuts. I'm trying to find crap to keep me busy! Best wishes to you!?

    SAIF/PAIF absolutely ALWAYS welcome to respond!
  • Good luck!
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  • We had our first IUI today with 20 mill and a 19mm follicle. We can be nervous together!!
    11/7/07-Ectopic in right tube.-Tube removed.
    IUI#1-bfn, IUI#2-bfn, IUI#3-bfn, IUI#4-cancelled. 3/2010-IVF#1-c/p. 6/2010-FET
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