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3 hour GD test

I had my one hour test today and it came back at 155 so I have to have the 3 hour test. Who else had to have the 3 hour test? What was the results of your 1 hour? Did you end up having GD?

 My sister had it with both of her children so I really think I do have it. The doctor said today that nothing I did can cause me to have it but its still hard for me to not feel upset that I did something or could of done something else. Anyone else feel this way?



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Re: 3 hour GD test

  • I "failed" my 1 hour glucose. I had a 143.  I was so annoyed because normal is anything below 140.  However, I didn't follow the guidelines and had lunch from the Cheesecake Factory about 20 minutes before the blood test.  I did the 3 hour and passed just fine and didn't have GD.
  • I failed the 1 hour test twice during my pregnancy with the girls, but passed the 3 hour test both times. I don't remember what my numbers were, but I wanna say 150-160...but that was over 2 years ago and I don't remember, sorry.
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  • I had the 3 hour GD test.  However, I did not have GD.  I don't remember what my numbers were from the 1 hour test.  Best of luck!
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