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Hi there,

I was wondering if you and your dh decided on that trip to Cancun or not.  I've been out of town a bit and haven't seen an update on your decision.

Also, did you say you worked for a travel agency?  We like to travel A LOT and I'd love to hear about any great deals you find. 



PS-What product do you use in your little guy's hair?  Kiernan is in desperate need of some style:)  I think we are going to get his first hair cut next week.



Re: Jessarella

  • Hi!  We decided not to go to Cancun because my DS is such a screamer/tantrum thrower the thought of the plane ride was just too much to handle. Both times we have flown with him have been pure H3ll! I am so bummed out because I really want my kids to be well traveled and go on fun vacations with us. I think we will wait until next year when we can bribe them more and get them to hold still longer :)

    I would love to help you plan a getaway. I have my own travel agency I do from home, and I am also affiliated with another larger agency locally. I have access to book all the major travel deals and see all the big discounts. Email me at jessarella @ gmail . com and I will keep my eye out for you.

    I use DEP Sport Endurace Gel (Or anyother product I swipe from DH's drawer.)  I just cut Jax's hair myself yesterday. It was quite a challenge. he was squirming all over the place. Once it's styled you can't see all the little mistakes :)

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