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Allergy Meds?


 Can you please recommend your allergy medicine?  I am so stuffed up and miserable right now.  All of the meds I used to take aren't safe for the baby...Please help....TIA

Re: Allergy Meds?

  • My doctor said I could continue taking Claratin and I'm so glad - it's my wonder drug.
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  • I was allowed to take plain Zyrtec last time.  I haven't had to use it this time around since our timing is different and I mainly have issues with the grass pollens.
  • my doctor ok'd claritin after my first trimester. during the first trimester I used a neti pot to flush my nose. it was not pleasant but it worked.
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  • My allergist put me on topical anithistimines (for my eyes and nose/sinus) and I love it! So much better than taking pills that make me feel spacy (and having to figure out which are ok since i needed the decongestant also)...It would depend on your symptoms but see if you can get on eyedrops or nasasl sprays. I also use SimplySaline to flush out my sinuses.
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