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I think it is time I work...

I am writing a report on what I've accomplished the last 2 months for an upcoming meeting and I have very little meat to this report. I think I need to stay off the nest and get back to what they pay me for.. In my defense things are really slow but I also know I should be working a lot harder.

I'm sure I'll still lurk esp with all the babies due to arrive any day and I will get an idea for who is in on the April 25th zoo gtg in a couple of weeks but my nesting full time days need to be cut out. I can do this I know I can. So if you see me on here tell me to get to work pronto!

Re: I think it is time I work...

  • I've said that a hundred times before!  But you are doing the right thing.  I should nest less too, but it's so easy!  I have to have my internet open for work, so I just leave the nest up too and check in when a report's running, something's printing, etc.  I just don't have enough willpower.  We'll miss you!  Doesn't look like I'll be meeting you at the zoo though, we're going on the 18th.  Boo!

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