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Maternity Dresses

Where can I get something decent that doesn't make me feel like I am wearing a tent? I'm just barely showing, but enough to need something more than a regular dress I think. Plus it needs to be on the nicer side since I need to wear it to a baptism.

?I'm getting really frustrated.?

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  • Can you find a regular dress with an empire waist? I did that quite a bit until I got really big. Plus it's so much easier to find regular dresses!
  • Along the lines of the pp I was in H&M a few weeks ago and they had some super cute empire waist dresses that you could pull off if you aren't really showing. I got a lot of stuff at Gap when I was pg with dd. They usually have some cute dresses.
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  • I found some cute dresses on ebay when I was pg.

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  • Motherhood sometimes has cute dresses that aren't as tent like as some of the others.
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