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Don't know where else to post this (weight gain)?

So at my 24W appointment last week I had gained 30 pounds on the doctors scale, and 12 pounds since my last appointment. Yikes! The doctor was very upset and wants me to see a nutritionist and start weighing myself everyday. I was really embarrassed about it and cried. She's also going to make me take the 1hr glucose at 24W (took it yesterday) and again in four weeks.

I haven't seen a nutritionist yet, but have been making a concerted effort to cut back on the sweets and on high-calorie 'healthy' things like OJ and granola. Anyway, I"ve noticed the scale has been going down since my last appointment. Not a lot, but maybe a pound or two. I know some of that is water weight and um not being constipated as much anymore (TMI, sorry), but still it concerns me because losing weight seems bad for baby.

Is it normal to lose weight when eating healthier and pregnant? Or should I had an extra healthy snack everyday?

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Re: Don't know where else to post this (weight gain)?

  • JCMJCM member

    Maybe ask you OB to make sure something harmful is not going on.  A friend of mine, who was not a small girl when she got her BFP, ended up with GD and due to the diet actually weighed less when she delivered then when she got her BFP.  For her she was getting enough calories after the GD and not a huge amount more like before she was diagnosed with GD. 

    Good luck! 


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  • Losing weight is fine, as long as the baby is getting what it needs and the baby continues to gain weight.

    On the GD diet it is common for women to lose overall weight during the entire pregnancy but the baby is born strong and healthy.

    As long as you are eating healthy and getting the proper amount of calories, weight loss is not a concern.

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