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Sofka or anyone re: thawing/using frozen milk

Did anyone find on kellymom how long after freezing the milk you can give to baby?  I know it can store up to three months in the freezer, but I remember Sofka asking about nutritional value... that is, I've been pumping since DD #2 was born... so should I start using the milk I pumped when she was a week old?  My thought is that when she goes to daycare at three months old, using the milk I pumped when she was a week old may not have the right nutrition?  Should I be using up the early milk and storing the recent milk?

I've got quite a stash, as I am almost exclusively pumping/giving bottles to DD #2 (after many problems with latching, etc. this is the best way - lately - to give her BM exclusively!)

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Re: Sofka or anyone re: thawing/using frozen milk

  • I had always read that once it's thawed you need to use it within 24 hours.  I'm not sure what to say about the nutritional value of the milk when she was a week old versus now.  I might be tempted to start using some of that now and just keep replenishing your stash with current pumped milk.
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  • I didn't get a chance the first time around to build up enough of astash to have this problem, but I did find this info on nursing an older child while pregnant and then nursing both infant and toddler -


    I would imagine if it is OK to nurse both and have both kids' nutritional requirements met, that old milk is still OK for use as long as it is within the three month period.  I could also swear I've read to use the older frozen milk first but of course I can't find that anywhere now.

  • I never looked it up, someone responded to my post that she had frozen enough to give her DD till she was 2 yrs old so I just kinda figured it'd be OK. However, I think that nutritional needs change a lot in the first few months so in your case, I'd give her the frozen milk first and freeze the new milk; or do half and half. I still nurse so DD gets some frozen and some fresh, perhaps you can mix it up.
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